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Friday, March 23, 2007

4 Effective Tehniques to get a Neighbor to Turn the Music Down

I have always been one to hate loud noise. And while I understand that with everyone's idea of music being different from everyone else's, nowhere should it be okay to leave all your doors and windows open and blast your music.

Yes, I'm frustrated with the community I live in. It is only my husband and I that think we should be able to relax in our home. Or the nuisances have broken everyone else and we're fairly new to the neighborhood.

But there is something everyone can do without resorting to violence. Especially if you are the kind of person that is NOT bothered too much by the noise. I tend to get stressed out and jittery and that very behavior makes it hard for me to be calm and collected enough to resolve the issue.

But here are some steps you can take to protect your neighborhood from becoming something people will hate to live in:
1. Before anything else, knock on the door of the person who is playing the music and talk to them. Ask them to turn it down. Sometimes, surprisingly, this is all it takes. Just once.
2. If asking them more than three times in different situations, does not work, it is time to start a log. You now have a case. Log everytime they play the music loudly, time and date. I'll tell you why this will help.
3. Call the non-emergency police line and let them know. They are pretty receptive. And will come out to fix it. Remember to log the police visit and any others as they occur.
4. The police knocking on someone's door should shock your neighbors into submission, but if not, the next step is to take your neighbors to small claims court. Anything that destroys your enjoyment of your home is reason to sue and I absolutely support the law in this matter. This is the step that requires the logs. Feel free to claim $25 - $100 per day of disturbance, especially if you have a home office like I do.

More on small claims court for home disturbances later.

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