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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Home Projects to Increase Home Value

When the holidays arrive we have this flurry of activity and then they're gone! It's cold outside and nowhere to go. And although where you live might have no snow, it's important to plan a few things to do in January and February to get over the winter doldrums.

In our family, we always plan a renovation project (especially since we have always lived in a fixer-upper and added sweat equity - what can I say? I'm frugal.) around January. Sometimes, we are so excited about a winter project, we begin on December 26th.

Be sure to go through and pick out a project from the features about Adding Value to Your Home Regardless of the Housing Market and you'll be much happier when Spring arrives.

Also, make sure to save some money from your Christmas fund to do these fun things after Christmas, when everyone else is morose and depressed!

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