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Friday, April 18, 2008

Adding Value to your Home Regardless of the Sacramento Housing Market - Tip # 7

Yes, another one in my favorite series of posts regarding remodeling small things to make your house have more value! And since you know they all relate to my personal designing predicaments, the latest one is a common one here in Pollock Pines: not enough light in the house. It's beautiful out on the back deck, but with all the trees around us, the sunshine never really gets to make it inside the living room. As a result, my orchids haven't flowered and the houseplants need to be set outdoors a few hours each weekend to ensure they don't die.

What's the answer?

This one my electrician husband came up with: metal halides. High intensity metal halides will make plants grow. What's more they'll probably put us in a better mood in the winter months because they are a full spectrum light. But, putting them in can be a bit of a challenge since they won't work in a regular light fixture. To ensure even lighting, we're considering putting them in recessed light fixtures as well.

The entire project should cost approximately $2000 if doing the work yourself. I'll have pictures when we finally put them in. Until then, I have to beat this dim living room and kitchen with fluorescence - yuck!

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