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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things to do in Placerville

If you find yourself in Placerville with nothing to do, here are some tried and tested ways to entertain yourself:

There is only one movie theater, but they do have art movies showing usually every Monday. Check at the counter.

Head downtown! You can easily spend a few hours there browsing art galleries and shopping. While there, visit The Bookery. If you like used books and great prices, you'll love the place!

If you're into beer, visit Jack Rusell Brewing Company. Ask for a private tour of their brewing facility. The guys usually like this part. And for the women, visit The Wine Smith - again in downtown Placerville! (Next door to The Bookery) If you happen to be in Placerville on the third Thursday of the month, stay a little longer at The Wine Smith for the monthly HAZE club meetings. Taste beer, learn about brewing it - hey, you might come back!

Need I say more?

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