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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Real Estate Spam: an Unfortunate Effect of the Housing Downturn

Is it me?

Every morning, with my trusted cup of coffee, I check my email. And my inbox is absolutely out of control. I would love to say it's all the buyers that are reading this blog and getting very excited about buying a house - what with the buyer's market and all - but alas, it is instead spam.

Maybe I made the mistake of signing up for one too many "real estate training" seminars when I was green and they have never forgiven me for it. Or maybe it is the blog people are hitting, just the wrong people. Or robots.

Whatever the case, I wish I could stop getting daily ads from real estate brokers wanting to hire me ("We offer 100% commission AND the broker's time share in Florida every time you close a transaction - we have hired 4000 agents in one week!"), real estate trainers wanting to show me how to do short sales ("If you get all the paperwork just right, you might have a snowball's chance in hell it will go through...") and just plain old lies from relocation and lead generation companies ("We have buyers lined up for you! Just give us $1000 a month!")

Perhaps they have stepped up their advertising to make up for the fact that Realtors do less of it now. I can swear bus stop benches don't have as many real estate ads any more unless they say something like "foreclosure specialist." Or perhaps I just notice all the annoying ads now, because I have more time.

Or maybe the people that used to call have now resorted to email. So it's a good thing. Thank God for the "delete" key!

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