Common Mistakes That Every Tenant Do after the Move

Renting is a wonderful way to save money. But, getting a right apartment is not a piece of cake. You need to find a dwelling place that matches your need and obviously, a trouble-free landlord. What to do after you get all things right? There are many people who make some common mistakes just after moving in.

  1. Too Much Decorating

You are here only for a time being. Therefore, your modification and customization shouldn’t be too much. Remember, the more you do, the more troublesome it will be while moving out.

  1. Permanent Changes

Hanging pictures on the wall or painting it brings permanent changes to the house. Check out the lease if such permissions are taken earlier. Often landlords charge for undoing these changes while moving out.

  1. Careless about Security

You may think any damage to the house only make the landlord a sufferer. That is partially true. While living in the flat on rent in Pune, you definitely have your personal belongings. You should be cautious about the security system of the house.


  1. No Renters’ Insurance

There are many landlords who consider it as a must-have document. It is necessary to protect your belongings. Many people don’t realize the importance of renters’ insurance until it is too late.

  1. Overall Carelessness

Scratches on bathroom tiles or stain on walls may seem simple issues right now, but it will cost you while moving out. Take care of the house as your own.

  1. Not Repairing Damages

If you are not paying attention to the crack on floor or leaking pipes in toilet, you are going to have a difficult move out. Maybe you will be considered as responsible. As soon as you find any disputes, call the landlord and go for repairing.


  1. Not Notifying Problems to the Landlord

Renters often get afraid of being responsible for any disputes in the apartment when they are not. Therefore, they hesitate to inform the landlord. But, this will make the problem worse and you may have to pay more while moving out which can be dealt easily before.

  1. Not Cleaning

“It’s not my flat, so why should I clean?” If you think like this, then remember, its question of your health and hygiene. Who is going to responsible for that?

  1. Not Taking Pictures When You First Move in

Dated pictures of apartment are proves of damages that were there before you come in. You should take the pictures of damages so that you won’t be blamed for nothing.

  1. Wasting Money on Utilities

Are you paying for extra hot water that you are not using at all? Or, is the electricity bill rising every month? Why to pay on these bills while you are not even using? Switch off the lights and fans while leaving, turn off every faucet while not using.


  1. Not checking out the Neighborhood

You can’t call your landlord for every small problem. Knowing your neighbors will help you to object if they intrude or break quite hour policies of the housing.

Hopefully, you get enough ideas about the common mistakes. Try to avoid these to get a happy living.