Five Helpful Tips when Renovating your House for the Most Value

Property renovation in London can be an excellent way to increase your home’s value. Usually, minor changes can already significantly add value to a property. But, it is imperative to carefully select the type of renovation to have. Doing unnecessary work may incur big expenses while adding little to the home’s sale value. Here are some renovation tips which add value to your house.

Consider Insulation

The value that insulation adds to your house cannot be overstated. These days, insulation is a necessity for a lot of homebuyers. As a matter of fact, many buyers perceive that homes without insulation are not healthy.


Update your Kitchen

Possible buyers know that they will be spending plenty of times in the kitchen of the house they are looking to purchase. A tidy, contemporary kitchen can enhance a home’s value. In terms of updating your kitchen, you can either replace or recover. Your current kitchen’s state, end goal and budget will determine the right option for you. Regardless of what option you take, your major targets are cabinets, drawer fronts, benches and skirting. A splashback glass is a kitchen addition which can offer a contemporary feel. This has a clean look and comes with a range of colors to fit any color scheme.

Refit the Bathroom

Just like the kitchen, you are looking to have contemporary bathroom. A bathroom which looks old will date the whole house in the minds of possible buyers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to update your bathroom. You can just replace the fixtures such as faucets and cabinet fronts as well as the lighting to modernize the entire room. Also, it is a great idea to replace stained grout. For people who have the knowledge, a DIY bathroom refit can be quite cost-effective.


Add a Deck

In case you have space, think about adding a deck because this is a simple way to increase your property’s value. With a deck, excellent indoor-outdoor flow is created. Also, it is good for entertaining which is something that possible property buyers will wish to visualize as they inspect properties.

Improve the Front Look

In terms of attracting buyers to your house, first impressions last. Creating desired entry or curb appeal can help in selling your house. A possible buyer’s first memory of your house is usually the one which sticks and a bit can go in this area of the house. Ensure that you have great-looking lawn or garden areas. They have to be tidy. Consider adding plants to your house’s front to liven it up. The entranceway can also be painted to blow off the cobwebs. To make your home standout, paint the entrance door a bold colour. Just ensure you don’t go overboard.


Renovation is something that must be undertaken with serious planning. The tips below may serve as you start point if you are looking to add value to your house.

Author Bio – Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on Twitter @TCDConstruction