Do You Need to Use an Affordable Shipper ? What You Need to Know

According to a story in Air Cargo News, shippers in Europe are eager to see greater transparency in the air cargo industry with respect to both service and performance. Businesses are happy with the lower rates currently featured by some air cargo and courier companies, but they also want to see an improvement in service quality. Companies shipping goods expect to get the most for their money by seeing time-sensitive shipments made on time and as promised by the delivery company.

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Time Is of the Essence

That is what you need to seek when you align yourself with a shipping company in the UK—an international shipping expert that knows the true meaning of “customer service”. After all, shipping perishables or high-value items is not something a business can take lightly, especially when it has customers who are depending on a timely receipt of the products or documents it provides.

Whilst businesses do seek to obtain the lowest possible rate in the supply chain, the market dynamic cannot be sustained if low-quality service prevails. According to the research studies, survey respondents have indicated that they applaud cheap shipping rates. However, they do not believe the rates always reflect the kind of service they expect to receive.

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The Focus Is Now on Quality

Whilst rates are lower, companies now need to focus on stepping through the “quality” portal when it comes to paying the most affordable rates. That means the focus of freight forwarders, airlines and handlers should be directed toward quality as much as it is on cost. With a transparent benchmarking system in place, the supply chain can be made more streamlined for air freight participants.

When the air freight industry begins to communicate about both quality and price, a new competitive element is brought to the table. This element creates a balanced approach betweenquality of service and price, which is now the main concern of companies that use air freight services for both local and international shipping purposes. Whilst there has been a so-called “race to the bottom” on rates in the past, the emphasis is now on a “race to the top” on the quality of service provided by a shipping or courier provider.

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Therefore, when you are seeking a shipper for your high-value items, you need to check the price as well as the reviews related to quality of service. Has the shipper met the standard that is expected by businesses as a whole? An air freight shipper should not take any longer than six days on orders, depending on the type of shipping arrangement that is currently in place.

Get to know the shipping company that you are interested in using. Make sure it sets a hallmark for both price and quality. After all, it rather defeats the purpose of using a shipping company if it cannot deliver on its business promises.

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You want to use an air freight company that places a large demand on the whole chain of supply. When you can work with a company that offers all-inclusive high-quality services, you will find that your business will run smoother as a result.