Moving Day Etiquette

Hiring someone to help you move will make the process a lot easier. To find a good company, you can start by looking at “movers near me” or specify you search by area – for instance, if you are moving to Hollywood, search by “Hollywood movers” on Yahoo or Google or any Internet search engine. After you have a few companies that you are interested in working with, you can check reputations and compare prices. While finding a moving company takes a little work, you may still be wondering what to do and what not to do on moving day. Here is a bit more information about moving day etiquette and what you should be prepared for:

Read up: Make sure that you are ready when movers arrive. You will have likely discussed what will happen with a moving company representative and have some idea as to what to expect. Be sure boxes are packed, labels and organized so your movers have an easy time. One tip we have is to make sure the boxes are pushed to one side and out of the way. This makes it easier for your movers to move quickly and safely. If you are nervous, remember that you can peruse the company website.

Transit: You should know whether you are riding with the movers or in a separate vehicle before moving day. If you are not comfortable being cramped, consider procuring your own ride. Make sure that you take a moment to discuss arrival with the movers. You should answer questions about whether or not the new location will be open, or where you will meet the movers in case one of your cars is stuck in traffic.

Be sure to also pack your car with items you feel needed. Movers will do their best to move large items but just incase you should have items you feel are valuable with you. Items like medication, jewelry and sometimes clothing can all be transported in your personal car. Animal and children are also a good things to bing along with you in your car as well.

Tipping: Movers work hard to ensure that your move goes smoothly, and tipping is perfectly appropriate. Most moving companies will not include tips in their total costs, so you will need to figure tipping costs on your own. Tipping about ten to twenty dollars per worker is usually seen as fair- but the amount will also depend on your individual situation. If you are providing food and drinks, in addition to or in lieu of tips, make sure to ask what the crew would prefer.

Moving day etiquette is not too complicated, but if you have questions, feel free to contact your chosen moving company, or ask the crew. A reputable company will always give you a swift and honest answer. For instance, many people trust Attention To Detail Moving Company for their move, and has many of their policies accessible online.