Ten Tips to Sell your House in Sarasota Before Christmas

Sarasota is an amazing city on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It has a lot of cultural amenities and excellent home values that make it a desirable property market. In the winter, people come here to enjoy the weather and there are many buyers looking for Sarasota condos for sale or homes for sale before Christmas. If you are selling your house, here are some helpful pointers for you.

Work with a Good Agent

Perhaps you have noticed real estate signs posted in your neighborhood which have been effective in home selling. Call the agent and talk about your plan to make a quick sale. Ensure you select an agent who has knowledge of the area and the kind of home you currently own.


Get your House Appraised

Ensure you have a home appraisal done to have a great idea of your home’s market value and how it compares to other homes in your area.

Come up with a Realistic Listing Price

You can get advice from your agent on a realistic value, taking into account in the calculation the potential of getting a quick offer. Although you may think that your house is worth more, you can shorten the time your home spent in the market when you try to entice property buyers with a desirable price.

Do Necessary Repairs

Possible home buyers will be discouraged to make an offer when some of your items in the house are broken or not repaired. Fix broken tile, glass, knobs or appliances to present a well-cared for house.

Declutter your House

Items that you no longer use every day must be removed. Get rid of the clutter in yard and garage areas. Put away books, magazines, clothing and toys which make the house look undesirable.


Be Strategic in Furniture Arrangement

Think about changing the arrangement of your furniture to benefit from traffic patterns and space. Putting a chair   near an attractive outdoor view and keeping open spaces to allow for easy movements can make a big difference in how your home interior will look.

Consider Bathroom Staging

For a first-time home buyer, bathroom remodeling can be a big expense. When the room looks cluttered and untidy, they will consider looking other homes which require less remodeling. Ensure your bathroom fixtures are sparkling clean. Consider having pale green or aqua colored walls. Update the shower curtain, linens and lighting.

Stage the Kitchen

Again, cleanliness is vital. The kitchen surfaces must shine. Take away pot racks which make the kitchen look like it doesn’t have enough storage. Remove extra chairs and islands which fill up the floor space. Consider putting a holiday centerpiece. Ensure the counters look efficient and open.

Increase Curb Appeal

You may have to paint your door or prune back your bushes to how attractive windows. Something as simple as a hanging flower basket or a flowerbed can make your home look more appealing and homey.


Decorate for the Season

When you putting your home in the market before Christmas, present to buyers how it looks at Christmas time. Add a wreath, the smell of pine incense, presents around the tree and a bough winding up the stair rail.

Author Bio:

Jeff Romero has been writing real estate articles and blog posts for ten years now. As a real estate agent, he has presented a number of Sarasota condos for sale to buyers.